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Team Firestorm

September 2017-Present
Co-Founder & Administrator

The Goal: Create a Pokemon Go Group in the Pittsburgh Region
In Conjunction with: Rob Holtz

Team Firestorm is the largest active social networking group for Augmented Reality Games in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

This project began as just a fun idea between friends, and has grown to encompass multiple social media channels, with over 500 followers. We host weekly events dedicated to supporting our members as they play their favorite Augmented Reality Games.

Since it's founding in 2017 I have been responsible for the social media management, website development and marketing for the project. We have helped many players develop and maintain friendships, and have plans to continue maintaining the project for as long as we have players willing to join our Team!

Security journey / HackEDU event coordination

Feb 2022 - Jan 2023
Twitch Affiliate

Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Photos from completed events in 2021 include RSA, InfosecWorld, Black Hat, SecureWorld (Boston, Denver, NYC, Seattle), PCI North America Conference, IANS (Toronto), and assorted event giveaways

2021 Event Photos

Family House Virtual Gala

Spring 2021
Family House Development and Events

The Goal: Transition a traditionally in person event to a fully virtual event during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic Family House was faced with the need to transition their annual Gala to a virtual platform. As the Development and Events Intern I served a critical role in preparing the digital streaming platform utilizing Streamlabs OBS. This enabled the Gala to have sponsor recognition and tribute messages independent of the filmed content. Additionally, it allowed for a live-produced drawing for the raffle, engaging viewers and creating excitement during the event. The raffle was able to raise over $1,500 in ticket sales.

I was also tasked with coordinating the Silent Auction within the One Cause platform, which raised over $6,000 to further the Family House mission. As a part of coordinating the Silent Auction I was responsible for creating the graphic packages illustrating each item, as well as descriptions and titles for each.

In addition to these two key roles, I also assisted with the following aspects of the spring gala:
- Layout and design for the ticketing website for the event using Salsa Engage
- Layout for the Digital Event website utilizing One Cause
- Production Assistant for on site filming with Emcee Chris Lovingood and Family House Board members

Silent Auction Lot Images

Social Media Graphics

Cutitta Chiropractic

Social Media
Print Media

The Goal: Increase new patients, improve patient retention, generate social media presence

Over the course of seven years with Cutitta Chiropractic I was tasked with graphic design challenges, from print media ads to tent signage. I was primarily able to use GIMP and Page Plus for these designs. Our final year of print advertisments are featured here. The annual calendar of promotions was carreid throughout the office advertisments, whether at events, in office promotions, or on social media channels.

Though their website host has since been changed, I was able to utlize SEO practices changing the new patient intake from less than 10% derived from our website to over 50%. This enabled the practice to reduce in-person events from 40+ hours monthly to 20+ hours, reducing overhead advertising costs. The digital-focused advertising methods also enabled the practice to continue recieving patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic despite the loss of traditional in-person advertising methods utlized by similar chiropractic clinics.

Annual Newspaper Advertisments 2015

Kellee Maize

Fall 2019
Nakturnal Internship

The Goal: Improve the client's SEO by utilizing keywords in blog posts relevant to her interests

Kellee Maize is a nationally performing musician as well as the CEO of As an intern for, I was tasked with creating content as a writer on her blog - with an eye toward SEO development.

A major part of this project was developing content relevant to the interests of my client, Kellee, as well as relevant to her brand. Additionally, each piece had to be keyword optimized to increase her website SEO.  This was accomplished using Ahrefs research and careful work to ensure we were linking accurate and relevant sources with keyword specific verbage.

Additionally, as part of the content creation process I was required to source and use creative commons graphics and photographs.

Delana Katrella Twitch Streaming

May 2020-Present
Twitch Affiliate

The Goal: Gain Familiarity with Streaming

In May 2020 I set a goal to become familiar with the requirements of successfully streaming on the platform. I achieved Affiliate Status on May 21, 2020.

I have since streamed weekly with content created across numerous games. I am familiar with the StreamLabs OBS platform, as well as use of extensions and integrations to enhance the viewer experience and drive monetization for channels.