Sarah Knight

Jan 2019 - Present

Point Park

Rowland School of Business

Sports Arts and Entertainment Management

The Sports, Arts and Entertainment management program at Point Park University is among the most innovative business programs in the United States. In this program I will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Management while focused on the intricacies of Marketing and Event Management in the Sports and Entertainment Fields.

I chose to return to school after a decade away because I have never lost my passion for learning. Finishing my education and receiving my Bachelor's Degree has been a dream that I now find becoming a reality.


Dean's List
Spring 2019
Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Fall 2020

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: 4.0

Introduction to the Sports, Arts and Entertainment Business
Shadowing at the Fairmont

Problem Solving with Information

Sports, Arts and Entertainment Marketing & Promotion
Artsburgh Final Marketing Plan

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: 3.75

Managerial Accounting

History of Dance
Politics & Dance

Elementary Statistics

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: 4.0

Arena Show Scaling

Talent and Booking Management
Tour Routing
Point Perk Cafe

SAEM Internship - Nakturnal.Org
Internship Review Paper

College Algebra

Career Prep

Human Resource Management

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: 4.0

The Business of Live Entertainment
The Trouble With Normal Tour

Organizational Behavior

Facilities/Venue Design and Administration
The Backyard

Personal Branding
Pittsburgh Playhouse

Principals of Microeconomics

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: 4.0

Information Technology For Managers

Corporate Finance

Courses and Projects

Semester GPA: In Progress

Digital Marketing

Business Models of Sports, Arts and Entertainment

Fundraising from Crowdfunding to Proposal Writing

Sports Agents

Legal Aspects of Sports, Arts and Entertainment

Operations Management and Quantitative Analysis

Jan 2008 - May 2009

Red Rocks

Marketing & Management

At Red Rocks I illustrated my desire to be constantly learning. Despite hurdles that made pursuing an education difficult, I wouldn't be dissuaded from continuing my education as much as possible.

While at Red Rocks I focused on learning basic business management skills, with a focus in marketing and public communication. I was fortunate enough to compete and place 2nd in the Colorado Community Colleges Persuasive Speaking Competition.


CCC Persuasive Speaking
2nd Place
Aug 2004 - Dec 2006

University of Colorado

Denver-Auraria Campus

Accounting & Business Management

At CU Denver I was fortunate enough to continue my education in accounting and eventually transitioned to embrace my love for business management.

Aug 2003 - May 2004

Western State
College of

Business Management: Entrepreneurship
There is no setting more beautiful for a college freshman than to be nestled deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. At Western State I discovered my passion for writing, uncovered a hidden talent for Accounting, and expanded my love for the intricacies of business management.


Dean's List
Fall 2003
Spring 2004