Sarah Knight

Portfolio and Projects

Team Firestorm

September 2017-Present
Co-Founder & Administrator

The Goal: Create a Pokemon Go Group in the Pittsburgh Region
The Client: Pittsburgh Pokemon Go Players
In Conjunction with:
Rob Holtz

Team Firestorm is the largest active social networking group for Augmented Reality Games in the Greater Pittsburgh region.

This project began as just a fun idea between friends, and has grown to encompass multiple social media channels, with over 500 followers. We host weekly events dedicated to supporting our members as they play their favorite Augmented Reality Games (typically Pokemon Go).

Since it's founding in 2017 I have been responsible for the social media management, website development and marketing for the project. We have helped many players develop and maintain friendships, and have plans to continue maintaining the project for as long as we have players willing to join our Team!

Delana Katrella Twitch Streaming

May 2020-Present
Twitch Affiliate

The Goal: Gain Familiarity with Streaming
The Client: Myself

In May 2020 I set a goal to become familiar with the requirements of successfully streaming on the platform. I achieved Affiliate Status on May 21, 2020.

I have since streamed weekly with content created across numerous games. I am familiar with the Stream Labs OBS platform, as well as use of extensions and integrations to enhance the viewer experience and drive monetization for channels.

Virtual Sports Internship

Fall 2020

The Goal: Meet virtually with sports leadership and help adress the challenges faced by their organization

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic the Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management program put together a virtual internship to allow continued learning outside the classroom. This program connected me to sports organizations around the country. For each organization we addressed a challenge within their company.

Through this internship I learned a considerable amount about numerous organizations and had to rapidly research and address challenges on a weekly basis.

Collegiate esports leadership summit

Spring 2020
The Business of Esports

The Goal: Advertise the Collegiate Esports Leadership Summit
The Client:  Point Park Esports
The Class: The Business of Esports

Though unfortunately the summet did not occur due to the Covid pandemic, during this course I was tasked with creating the graphic package to advertise our esports event.

This event was created to draw together collegiate esports leaders across the Pittsburgh region.  We connected with clubs from 5 schools, sponsors and techical support groups to ensure a smooth event. These graphic package were sent out to all representatives and received fantastic feedback with RSVPs prior to our cancellation of the event.

Point Perk

Fall 2019
Talent & Booking Management

The Goal:  Create a consistent Graphic Design package
The Client:  Point Perk Entertainment
The Class: Talent and Booking Management

Point Perk Entertainment and the Talent and the Booking Management class work together to keep a constant supply of events on stage at Point Perk Cafe - ranging from Open Mic nights to poetry readings. For this project I was tasked with creating a consistent graphics package to advertise these events to the student body.

This was accomplished by creating a style guide for the brand, including templates for the flyer and digital media ads. Advertisements had to both reflect the Point Perk Entertainment brand, as well as the branding for the acts and shows that were occurring within the space.

Arena Show Scaling

Fall 2019

The Goal:  Scale a selection of shows in an Arena Setting

Every show is unique in its box office and ticketing needs, and often the profitability of a show is based on how well you scale the ticket prices. This project involved scaling seven different events to maximize profits and attendance.

For this project I created an excel spreadsheet specifically designed to ease the scaling process and ensure consistent, reliable reporting of net potential for events.

Tour Routing

Fall 2019
Talent and Booking Management

The Goal: Create a working tour route for a mid-sized band

One of the major challenges in booking a tour is in the logistics of planning a route for the tour. For this project we were asked to meet specific criteria for distance traveled daily, budget and venue size, and aimed to play shows in major markets.

I was able to create a 7 week tour that included 34 shows and under the restrictions provided had a net profit of $48,774.

This project tested my own ability to handle logistics. I feel the final product is a fantastic example how I will approach logistics and planning in any situation - with a significant level of organization and planning.

Pokemon Go for good

Spring 2019
Event Management

The Goal:  Create a working event plan
The Client:  Team Firestorm
The Class: Event Management

For this event I chose to plan a hypothetical event for Team Firestorm - using their Pokemon Go Event structure as a way to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

As the lead admin of Team Firestorm, I started this project interested in genuinely putting on the event, however after completion we determined it wasn't quite right with the goals of the organization. However, we did end up utilizing much of the plan for our Summer of Fun Poke-Potluck in September of 2019.

Artsburgh Flexpass

Spring 2019
Event Management

The Goal: Work with a group to create a full marketing plan
The Client: Artsburgh - Flexpass
The Class: Sports, Arts and Entertainment Marketing

For this client and course I worked with four other students in a group to create a full marketing plan for the Artsburgh Flexpass. Over the course of 3 months we researched every option to create our final plan.

Leading up to the final project linked here we created a situational analysis, a positioning and segmentation analysis, SWOT and eventually came up with our Big Idea - the Pittsburgh Date night.

This project created invaluable friendships with the members of my team, as well as generated a workable plan for Artsburgh to increase their sales of the Flexpass, which we presented to the client as our final.

Shadowing at the Fairmont Pittsburgh

Spring 2019
Kristin Burr

The Goal:  Generate an understanding of the requirements of a job in the Sports, Arts and Entertainment industry.
The Class: SAEM 101 - The business of SAEM

I shadowed with Kristin Burr at the Fairmont for a period of two months, working with her to learn the needs of hosting VIP guests and groups at The Fairmont. Because this hotel is the only luxury hotel located in Pittsburgh, it handles a many of the VIP guests that must stay in the area. Meeting the needs of these clients is a huge part of what makes the Fairmont successful, and Kristin is the person who makes everything happen.

For this shadowing I was tasked with helping to meet client needs and special requests for rooms. I watched as Kristin worked through riders and ensured a guest experience would meet all expectations. I attended arrivals and departures for the guests.

I feel like this position gave me a great understanding for the need for discretion with VIP clients, and also the importance of meeting client needs - particularly as you may not understand why a request is being made, but that doesn't make it any less important.

Kellee Maize

Fall 2019
Nakturnal Internship

The Goal: Improve the client's SEO by utilizing keywords in blog posts relevant to her interests
The Client: Kellee Maize

Kellee Maize is a nationally performing musician as well as the CEO of As an intern for, I was tasked with creating content as a writer on her blog - with an eye toward SEO development.

A major part of this project was developing content relevant to the interests of my client, Kellee, as well as relevant to her brand. Additionally, each piece had to be keyword optimized to increase her website SEO.  This was accomplished using Ahrefs research and careful work to ensure we were linking accurate and relevant sources with keyword specific verbage.

Additionally, as part of the content creation process I was required to source and use creative commons graphics and photographs.